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This tiny little black spec snuck into our warehouse thru our roll up door sometime in November 2009 and just caught Tom's eye.  He soon realized it was a very young, hungry and tiny kitten.  We couldn't resist the cute little feline so we adopted her as our resident hardware cat, we know all you cat lovers will agree.  She mostly sleeps in the office in her cat bed on Cheryl's desk, but does now and again mingle through out the store and on occasion accepts a pet from our customers.  We named her Lucky and that she is.  Enjoy her pictures along with her monthly informational cat chat on products and services.
Luckys Cat Chat
GROMULCH: Premium Planting Mix & Mulch
Kellogg Gromulch is a fully composted blend of organic materials. It’s one of the finest planting soils available for plants, shrubs, trees, grass and flowers. Gromulch is one of the most widely used planting mixes in the West, and you can be sure that it will work in your garden too.
  • Enriched with Plant Food & Iron
  • Great for shrubs, trees & flowers
  • Provides a rich garden environment
  • Helps establish strong roots
  • Helps loosen clay soil
  • Improves drainage
  • Helps retain moisture in sandy soil
  • Helps soil hold nutrient
  • Adds organic humus to the soil
AMEND: Flower & Vegetable Garden Mix Kellogg Amend works great for all soil types and it’s especially formulated to soften hard clay soil, help reduce soil compaction and improve water penetration and drainage. Amend is excellent for planting flowers, vegetables, ground cover and bedding plants. Amend will improve your soil for bigger blooms.
  • Enriched with Plant Food and Gypsum
  • Great for flowers & vegetables
  • Helps soften hard clay soils
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Improves drainage
  • Helps soil hold moisture
  • Nitrogen for lush green growth
  • Phosphorus for strong roots
  • Potassium for disease resistance